Multi Arcade System

An on-going project to design a modular arcade system that will allow customisation between a desktop control panel, pedestal control panel, upright cabinet, and a showcase upright cabinet. The possibility to design a bartop cabinet has been considered, however, I’m not entirely sure that I would be able to totally incorporate this within the current design.

I want people to be able to start with a control panel and add to their home arcade when time, money, or space constraints improve.

  • Standard Control Panel
  • Wide Control Panel
  • Upright
  • Upright Slim
  • Upright VC
  • Upright Dock
  • Pedestal
  • CRT Showcase
  • LCD Showcase 32
  • LCD Showcase 40

Currently 12 combinations possible.
Control panel variations will increase this.
Companion EmulationStation theme